Bad Men by Julie Mae Cohen

Julie Mae Cohen Bad Men“Bad Men” is a twisty thriller that offers a wickedly fun and entertaining ride through the life of Saffy Huntley-Oliver. More than just an intelligent and glamorous socialite, Saffy harbours a dark secret: she’s a proficient serial killer. This serial killer anti-hero takes justice into her own hands by hunting down the worst of society—rapists, murderers, and abusers—leading a thrilling double life.

The narrative becomes even more intriguing when Saffy becomes obsessed with Jonathan Desrosiers, a true crime podcaster. Their relationship begins with an orchestrated meet-cute, setting the stage for a story filled with dark humour and a fast-paced plot that maintains a good amount of tension throughout.

Julie Mae Cohen Bad MenSurprisingly, Saffy’s character is quite likeable, despite her narcissistic tendencies and lethal habits. She’s fierce, bold, and someone you wouldn’t want to cross—qualities that make her stand out in the “Podcast” genre. The story unfolds through multiple points of view (POV), adding depth and perspective to an already compelling narrative.

As a good debut for Julie Mae Cohen, “Bad Men” captivates readers with its amusing premise and a satisfying ending that will leave you wanting more. The audiobook, narrated by Nathalie Buscombe, is particularly noteworthy for bringing the characters to life with great pace and cadence, enhancing the overall experience.

“Bad Men” is a bold and unapologetic novel that thrills with its unique protagonist and engaging storytelling. It’s a must-read for fans of thrillers with a twist of dark comedy.

I received an ARC copy of the audiobook from RB Media | Recorded Books via NetGalley. I also received a physical copy from Pan MacMillan SA.

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