In September, Heritage Month, Exclusive Books celebrates Homebru – That’s Home, Bru #MediaRelease

We all know the way a story begins. “Once upon a Time…” or maybe, “in a land far, far away”…

Homebru ‘23 takes the classical book lines and injects them with South African flavour, using quintessential South African expressions and typical African visuals of our country to create ‘book covers’. The result is a fresh new way to start a story, once upon a now-now, once upon a dorpie, on a Plaas not so far away…

When words, our words, can reframe the unique South African experience – good, bad and the ugly – giving it a unique and familiar flavour, That’s Home, Bru.

Homebru is always a highlight of the Exclusive Books calendar. It gives us the opportunity to focus and celebrate homegrown written and published books, and shine the spotlight on South African writers and their writing, with no distractions, for a full month.

The Homebru 2023 selection features 54 quintessentially South African books – South Africa captured in our unique words and way. History, fiction, biography, current affairs and business are all covered in the selection. Whatever bit of the South African literary landscape you would like to explore, it’s in this year’s Homebru – That’s Home, Bru.

Many of the books are self-reflective and critical, as they should be at this challenging time of our country’s trajectory – Sindiwe Magona’s I write the Yawning Void, Black Racist Bitch by Thandiwe Ntshinga and Nechama Brodie’s Domestic Terror all offer self-reflection, a better understanding of the issues and a way forward.

Topical handbooks that give local, practical and inspiring advice include Handle Black Tax Like A Pro by Ndumi Hadebe and Winning the Property Game, by Koketso Milosevic.

Motherhood and the role of mothers in society is under scrutiny in books like in Louisa Zondo’s Dearest MaRiky, Prison Child by Felicia Goosen and The Girl Who Survived her Mother, by Moshitadi Lehlomela.

The range of fiction is deep and wide – from Lauren Beukes’s Bridge to Sunshine and Shadows by Busisekile Khumalo, Vernon Head’s On the Wave of Gulls to Eben Venter’s Decima, in English and Afrikaans.

And then biography that reads like fiction – The rollicking Daisy De Melker by Ted Botha is already flying off the shelves, and is as much about ragtime Joburg as it is about fascinating personalities.

It’s a delight to include children’s books in this year’s selection of Homebru – the charming Zandi’s Song by Zandile Ndlovu for younger readers, some strong YA options and varied non-fiction – Riaan’s Manser’s My First Wild Island Adventure (also available in Afrikaans) and Jan Braai Junior which brings a South African icon to younger readers.

We simply couldn’t celebrate Homebru in Heritage month without including some delicious choices in local cookery – Fatima Sydow’s Cape Malay Cooking, Karen Dudley’s Onwards and Feed my Tribe, by Mmule Setati are some titles served up at the Homebru table.

We have the power to choose our stories, stories that will serve us now, and own them. Whether its understanding, inspiration or recipes we seek, Exclusive Books’ That’s Home, Bru is the perfect springboard.

EB Recommends for September also salutes locally written and produced books that are new to the shelves.

The non-fiction is particularly strong. Some highlights include: Painting a Life in Africa, by Joan van Gogh, a South African artist whose grandfather was the cousin of Vincent Van Gogh; Conquer your Mountains, by Mandla Moyo – a 52-Week Biblical Journey to unlock your full potential for life; A Small, Stubborn Town, the new Andrew Harding title – Life, death and defiance in Ukraine, the mesmerising story of how in the face of a mighty army, ordinary people can say “No”. The selection wouldn’t be complete without tipping a hat to Rugby – The Fireside Springbok, by Mike Greenaway, with tales that begin in the 1890s and cover every era of Springbok history right up to the present day.

Look out too for 3 books by Angela Makholwa on special price promotion in-store this month!

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