Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera

Listen for the Lie Roelia Reads Penguin Random House SA“You don’t owe anyone your whole story.”

Listen for the Lie is a captivating mystery novel that combines well-paced storytelling with memorable, although not necessarily likeable, characters. From the outset, I was drawn into the narrative, propelled forward by the short chapters. Tintera’s character-driven approach ensured that my emotional investment in the lives of the protagonists grows steadily.

One of the book’s standout features is the fictional podcast titled “Listen for the Lie.” These podcast episodes serve as an innovative storytelling method, providing additional layers to the narrative. If you choose to listen to the audiobook version, the podcast segments enhance the overall entertainment value.  (Do check out this website – it is genius!  Listen For the Lie | Celadon Books)

Listen for the Lie by Amy TinteraTintera doesn’t shy away from addressing social issues. Throughout the novel, she offers commentary on misogyny and gender stereotypes, adding depth and relevance. The quirky mystery at the heart of the story keeps you guessing. It’s not your typical murder investigation; instead, it’s filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Among the cast of characters, Grandma Lucy stands out. Her dark humour, sage advice, and unique personality make her a favourite. The dynamic, snarky dialogue between characters adds zest to the narrative, making it feel authentic and relatable.

Tintera’s writing style is accessible and engaging. She vividly describes the small town setting, allowing you to immerse yourself in its atmosphere. As the mystery unfolds, you’ll find yourself trying to piece together clues alongside the characters.

However, the book’s ending does have a minor flaw, in my opinion. It feels rushed and somewhat contrived. Despite this, Listen for the Lie remains a recommended read for mystery enthusiasts who appreciate character development and unconventional storytelling. Amy Tintera has crafted a novel that balances wit, heart, and intrigue.

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