Review: A Kiss After Dying by Ashok Banker

A Kiss After DyingAbout the book:

Via Penguin Random House South Africa 

Utterly compulsive, totally original and with a truly jaw-on-the-floor twist, this is a thriller like no other

Charming and handsome, Ricky Manfredi is living an idyllic playboy life when, out of the blue, he bumps into a shy pretty girl named Hannah.

That’s not her real name.

Ricky has always had his pick of women. But when chance brings them together a second time, he finds himself irresistibly drawn in.

Which is exactly how she planned it.

It’s not long before, to the surprise of them both, Ricky and Hannah are falling for each other. But Hannah knows that can’t be allowed to happen.

Because murder is only the first stage of her plan…

Extract: Notes on Falling

A Kiss After DyingMy thoughts

It is quite challenging to give a spoiler-free review because there are quite a lot of reveals and twists in this book.

The story hits the ground running as, within the first couple of pages, you realise that what you see is not necessarily what you get. The questions “why, what, how and huh?” gets answered slowly but surely and culminates to the reader seeing the full puzzle towards the end. Or do we know it all? A-ha!

Especially towards the end it is fast-paced and action-packed and I had a nervous knot at the pit of my stomach as it all comes together.

It is written from multiple POV and “A Kiss After Dying” have got a very clever plot.

What to like?
• Strong female protagonist
• Plot twists
• Well-plotted
• Keeps you guessing!

I did find some bits a bit wordier than others, and some twists were a bit predictable, but in general, I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling read.

RRR (Roelia Reads Rating) 3.5/5

About the author:  Ashok Banker

Thank you to Penguin Random House SA for the review copy