The Excitements by C.J. Wray

The Excitements
CJ Wray“Age is just a number; adventure is a state of mind.”

“The Excitements” by C.J. Wray is a delightful read, especially for those who appreciate spunky senior characters and engaging plots. I heard this type of genre described as “Geezer Noir,” and I can’t stop giggling. But indeed, it does capture the essence of these spirited characters and their unconventional adventures.

5 Reasons to read this book

  • Unconventional Protagonists:

Meet Aunty Penny and Josephine, two spirited WWII veterans in their nineties. These ladies are far from ordinary—they’re sharp, witty, and full of surprises. Their zest for life and dark secrets makes them unforgettable characters.

  • Humour and Charm:

Prepare for delightful banter, witty repartee, and unexpected escapades. The humour is well-placed, and the charm radiates off the page. You’ll find yourself laughing and rooting for these eccentric sisters.

The Excitements
CJ Wray

  • Shifting Timelines and Secrets:

The novel weaves past and present seamlessly. As you follow the alternating perspectives of Penny and Archie, you’ll uncover their wartime experiences, hidden machinations, and the secrets they’ve kept buried. The constant movement keeps you engaged.

  • Heartfelt Relationships:

Aunty Penny and Josephine share a deep bond, and their relationship with their devoted nephew Archie adds warmth. Whether it’s sibling dynamics or unexpected friendships, the familial connections are heartwarming.

  • Adventure and Intrigue:

From self-defence classes to larceny, the sisters’ “excitements” take them across the world. Paris holds memories they’d rather forget, but it also harbours an old enemy. The suspense, espionage, and tension keep you turning the pages.

“The Excitements” is a delightful blend of adventure, humour, and heart. It defies genre expectations and introduces us to characters who remind us that age is just a number.

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About the author:  “CJ Wray is a pseudonym for author Chrissie Manby, a Sunday Times bestselling author with more than forty books to her name. Raised in the west of England, she studied psychology before embarking on an entertaining and wide-ranging career that has seen her selling kitchens, editing erotica, interviewing an armed robber, and impersonating a princess.”

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