What I Read: Character Scan by Douglas Kruger

“She could smell corruption in others. But was she good enough to catch a rising tyrant?”

Character Scan by Douglas KrugerCharacter Scan by Douglas Kruger is a sci-fi thriller that explores the concept of moral corruption and how it can be detected, measured, and prevented. The novel follows Katrina Hunt, a woman who has a unique gift of sensing the evil in others, and her quest to stop a rising tyrant who can hide his true nature from any scan. The novel is fast-paced, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, as it raises questions about the nature of morality, free will, and human potential.

“The scan was not a judgement. It was a prediction. A probability. A warning.”

The novel is divided into three parts, each focusing on a different stage of Katrina’s journey. The first part introduces Katrina’s gift and how it affects her life, from her childhood in a trailer park to her career as a corruption investigator. The second part introduces the character scan, a revolutionary technology that can predict a person’s propensity for wrongdoing based on their genetic code. The third part pits Katrina against the main antagonist, a charismatic politician who has a dark secret that makes him immune to the scan.

Character Scan by Douglas KrugerOne of the strengths of the novel is the characterization of Katrina, who is a complex and sympathetic protagonist. She struggles with her gift, which isolates her from others and exposes her to danger. She also has to deal with the trauma of her past, which shapes her personality and motivations. She is determined, courageous, and compassionate, but also flawed, vulnerable, and sometimes reckless. She is a realistic and relatable hero who faces difficult choices and challenges.

Another strength of the novel is the plot, which is full of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged and surprised. The novel combines elements of science fiction, mystery, action, and romance, creating a rich and diverse story that appeals to different tastes and interests. The novel also explores relevant and timely themes, such as the ethics of genetic engineering, the role of media and propaganda in politics, the effects of power and corruption on society, and the importance of individual responsibility and integrity.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Character Scan by Douglas Kruger and I would recommend it to fans of Dean Koontz and anyone who likes sci-fi thrillers with strong characters and engaging themes.

With thanks to Penguin Random House SA for the opportunity to read this book.

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As a treat, listen to this audiobook sample, as read by the author himself!

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ISBN 9781776380046
Format Paperback
Recommended Price R290.00
Published July 2023

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