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You may not know Betty Gow’s name – but ‘the Lindbergh nanny’ is infamous. In 1932, all eyes are on Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the most glamorous and intriguing couple in America. But who was paying attention when, one evening in early March, their baby son was stolen from the family home?

The Lindbergh nanny is the first person to discover Charlie missing… and the last to see him that night. With the world watching on, Betty must discover the truth about what really happened to young Charlie, to clear her own name – and to find justice for the little boy she loves. A propulsive re-imagining of America’s most notorious crime of the twentieth century, told through the eyes of the young woman who found herself at the heart of the case.

The Lindbergh Nanny Mariah FredericksMy Thoughts

Some crimes don’t ever leave our consciousness.  The infamous kidnapping of Charles (Charlie) Lindbergh Jr in March 1932 is one of those.   And, on that note if you are not familiar with the details, be warned that this is quite a tragic incident.  Knowing much of the high-level specifics of this crime, I was filled with apprehension for most of the book.

Told from Betty Gow, the toddler’s “nurse” (nanny)’s point of view, it gives a deeply personal perception into the dynamics of the family, their staff and those they interacted with.  If you are not familiar with this infamous crime, this novel delivers all the specifics.

Being one of the suspects herself, Betty is also trying to decipher who the person(s) involved in this crime can be.  This story had to be told, and I appreciated the knowledge and insight I gained from this version.

The story is slow-paced, engaging, spending a lot of time on the backstory and details of the characters, thus providing a fuller character study of Betty as well, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable!

The Lindbergh Nanny Mariah FredericksIn the author’s note, “The Lindbergh Nanny: Fact vs. Fiction”, at the back of the book, Mariah Fredericks shares the parts that were based on facts, and which bits were fictionalised.  She also shares details about the “Real Betty Gow”.   Really insightful!  That is one of the things I love about historical fiction – the amount of factual research that goes into it, and the conscious attempt by authors to keep it historically accurate where possible.  Mariah Fredericks takes you to the 1930’s in America, the culture, the music, the day-to-day life.

“The Lindbergh Nanny” is a wonderfully engaging, entertaining (but also heart-breaking at times) read that is perfect for fans of true crime, and historical fiction.   I thoroughly enjoy historical fiction novels that makes me want to find out even more, especially if it drives me to search for photos, conspiracy theories and documentaries online afterwards – which “The Lindbergh Nanny” did!

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“The Lindbergh Nanny” is published (locally) by Jonathan Ball Publishers

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DATE PUBLISHED:15 November 2022

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