Wonka by Sibéal Pounder

Wonka by Sibéal Pounder is a delightful prequel to the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. It tells the story of young Willy Wonka, providing a brilliant backstory for this iconic character.

The book is full of adventure, humour, and heartwarming moments, as Wonka discovers his passion for chocolate-making and his destiny to become the greatest chocolatier in the world. As he says in the book, “Every good thing in this world started with a dream. So you hold on to yours. And when you do share your chocolate with the world, I’ll be right there beside you”.

The book also draws parallels with Charlie Bucket, the poor boy who wins a golden ticket to visit Wonka’s factory in the original story. Both Wonka and Charlie share a sense of wonder, curiosity, and kindness, as well as a love for chocolate. The book pays homage to Roald Dahl and one of his most iconic characters, while also adding new twists and surprises to the familiar tale.

“The secret is… it’s not the chocolate that matters. It’s the people you share it with!”.

Wonka is an imaginative and whimsical book that will appeal to readers of all ages. It is a light-hearted, quick read that can serve as a palate cleanser between heavier books. Wonka is a book that celebrates the power of chocolate, friendship, and dreams, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet and satisfying read.

Now, I must watch “Wonka” the movie! I hope it will be as magical and fun as the book.


I am thankful to Penguin Random House SA for the chance to read this book.

About the book: Penguin Random House South Africa – Wonka

About the author:  https://www.sibealpounder.com/